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Community Feed Forums Off Topic Thoughts on Roxane being fired? Reply To: Thoughts on Roxane being fired?

  • bailey

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    May 27, 2020 at 8:33 pm
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    I plan to remain netural until more information is revealed (if at all). I will say that believe the vulgar and overall unprofessional tweets were quite uncalled for. I feel bad becuase Alex stated that he wanted the entire siutation to remain private and peaceful, but sadly he was rushed into putting out a quick statement as a result of the predicament. Now people are looking toward him for immidiate answers to questions that have just come out of the blue and of course that’s going to take time.

    I hope the the next few days we’ll get a better idea of what happened and what the plans are now. I don’t think this’ll be a major issue. The game is still super early in development and they plan on adding more poeple soon. Once everything is cleared up, I think people will calm down.