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Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation Thinking Out of the (Sims) Box about Different Hobbies Reply To: Thinking Out of the (Sims) Box about Different Hobbies

  • Something I’d like to see would be glass blowing as a hobby to make vases,art, maybe glassware to drink from.

    Wilderness scavenger/backpacking could learn and teach other about wilderness survival (if camping is a thing in game) to find food,make fires, make tents etc.; learn about plants that can help or harm.


    Antiquing of historic items and modern items,not sure how value could work on items within the game but if someone important owned it prior it could be a prized possession.

    Publisher/book reviewer maybe some paras could be asked to read their manuscripts and ‘proof read’ it before they publish. Become a ghost writer depending on jobs available and paras get paid. Some could be asked to read published books and give feedback. Which could lead into either a self-employed or part time job.

    It would be cool to have intellectual and social skills be combined, so small talk could lead into either large or small debates between paras depending on the topic discussed. Which could either result in them having opposing views or similar views.

    Wall art on community lot buildings and interior murals

    Horse back riding

    Maybe some hobbies could just be task based, based on how many different types of events or locations your para goes to before they’re titled a rank within that area. Which could also affect how they live. Example, a para has been to 30 different museums which makes them an art buff, in result of that they love collecting paintings and looking at art and their house decor reflects that, even though they have no art skills per say.

    Posted May 27, 2020 at 6:38 am