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  • crabwhatalad

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    May 26, 2020 at 3:26 pm
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    I’m also glad you posted this and honestly I agree with most of what you said. I have also only been focusing on the positives, however there are a lot of things still to be improved. I think that this should be a little bit of a wake-up call of fans of Paralives, not to say the game is bad in anyway, but to give constructive criticism when it is needed. I genuinely think the dev team listens, and although they will not completely re-design the parafolk I believe if more people bring their worries to their attention in a respectful manner, they will take steps to fix it. The team cares about the community and want to make this game the best it can be. We must bear this in mind. I also think that if they created the original “Maggie’s Loft”, they are more than capable of that sort of design for the future of the game.

    Now I’ve heard this from others in the community I hope more people take this up with the developers in the same respectful way you have. I can’t wait to see leaps forward in the game instead of backward. I’m sure they will come 🙂