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  • Just.A.Finch

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    May 25, 2020 at 4:20 pm
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    I like the idea of paras traits changing with life experience as well, partly because I think it would help personalities have more depth at the same time as not restricting the player. If we decided at the beginning, this character is going to be an introvert, and dislikes such and such, and is really assertive and not creative but very smart, and if personalities affect how a para lives, then it might start to get in the way of the choice of the player a little bit down the line, depending on how much influence personalities have. I don’t really know where the balance should fall because I’ve not played anything where personalities have a real impact on the characters in game, so I don’t know how it would pan out. I’m sure it’s something they’re playing around with a lot to get right and I don’t really know what the best answer is. It’s tricky, to be sure.