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    May 7, 2020 at 7:31 pm
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    As others were mentioning it’d depend on the ages of the kids like younger 5-8 or 9-11 because each age group would have different interest and act differently.

    If we’re talking the younger ages 5-8
    Chores: I wouldn’t mind but not be forced.
    Crushes: No. I feel it’s too young for them to be having romance.
    I’d say maybe they could pick up some beginning hobbies like drawing/painting, ballet, reading, building blocks (like legos),writing, a sport of some sort.
    Best friends: I agree with them having best friends and rivalry between friends or ex-friends.
    Interactive schools: I’d prefer it to be a rabbit hole at this level of elementary.

    Kids 9-11
    Chores: Yes
    Crushes: I’d say yes. Because every child is different some may or may not have crushes at that age but it’d be cute to see!
    Bullies: I don’t mind the bullying if it’s something like taunting (like how bros and sis do to each other) or pranks that’s fine, but not to the point where it could cause the child extreme sadness or depression. I’d like to think it’d be a good opportunity for paras to stand up to the bullies and gain a confidence/become stronger trait within themselves, then the kids would back off.
    Interactive schools: For older kids yes.

    I’m not sure what you meant by squads though? But great ideas! 🙂


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