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  • Dizzardy

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    May 7, 2020 at 10:52 am
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    [quote quote=8730]I’m a bit conflicted about this. On the one hand this would be very useful and I’ve run into the same problems discussed while creating stories on the sims. On the other I feel like it wouldn’t feel… earned, if I had paras I’d never played on my family tree. I treat my family tree as a source of pride, a display of my family line and the time and commitment I put into making it grow. If I had fake ancestors in that family tree I think I would feel as though I’d cheated.


    They could make it so by default you can only create one tier of dead sims on the family tree (and then make that limit moddable through the modding tools they were talking about)

    I don’t think it would be a big deal personally. In the sims we can already create supernatural sims in cas without “earning” them. Also just the fact that you feel like you were cheating would likely mean that you’d hold off from doing it.

    Personally I see it more like a “create a backstory” tool than cheating.

    [quote quote=8727]This is an interesting idea! It kinda puts me in the mind of the movie ‘The Others’, they’re dead but they look alive. Though I’m wondering would they look alive or have that sallow/pale blueish or ghostly white look to their skin, or that ?


    I meant creating parafolk that have already passed away so they become part of the family tree without joining your household.

    (I hope they add occult paras to the game one day, but this isn’t an occult suggestion)

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