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  • sweetchilli

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    May 7, 2020 at 4:54 am
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    [quote quote=8638]For pet customization, what do people think of the idea of there being no default cat, dog, or horse breeds in PAM, but instead of that we get blank animal slates to create whatever breed we want?

    I ask this becuase it would be a lot of work to try to design multiple different animal breeds and theres no way for them all to be accounted for. But if there are enough customization tools, it might not even been needed.

    For example lets say you want to make a specific dog. If the Paramaker allows for a few different body styles to match a large range of breeds, some different head shapes, the abilty to make your dog small, medium, or large, differnet dog coat lengths and styles, and a range of coat color options (which seems possible with the color wheel), you could make any breed you want just the way you want it. Then just assign them the personality (tempermant) you want from a (hopefully) large list so it’ll act the way you want. The devs could save time, not needing to design complete breeds, and the players could be free to make any animal the way the way they want it.

    But what does everyone think? Would you rather have pre-made breeds?

    @Bailey Pre-made breeds are a must for me. We should have all those options for customisation, but still presets as a starting point for the different breeds. Why? Because I just spent three hours getting my parawoman customised just so, and I want a labrador. And I don’t want to sit there for two more creating the labrador, when I can just choose “labrador retriever”, make a few tweaks and start playing.


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