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  • bailey

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    May 6, 2020 at 2:32 pm
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    List of chores? I hope we’ll have chores for kids of all ages to do.
    Crushes or celebrity crushes? I won’t mind crushes for older kids/younger teens, but I won’t be distraught if they save the romance for later in life.
    Best friends or enemies? I hope kids will be able to have best friends starting early in life. Maybe “enemies” for older kids, thought I think that’s a really strong word for a child. Maybe ‘rivals’ would be more fitting.
    Bullies? I don’t think I’d want bulling without knowing how it would be done. I can deal with mild pranks, but I don’t want kids in the game harassing each other.
    Squads? Like cheer leading squads? That would be cool for a hobby. I hope we can get that at some point.
    Interactive schools? Grades? Sadly, Alex has said that we won’t have interactive schools, at least not at launch. Maybe it could come later, but I doubt it. But I can’t see why we wouldn’t have grades.


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