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  • elita

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    July 18, 2019 at 12:28 pm
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    quote Ashalyn post_id=84 time=1563444953 user_id=131:

    quote Elita post_id=82 time=1563443556 user_id=108:

    i hope we get a colorwheel, i’d be okay with sliders like sims 3 if it meant fully customizable paralive guys! i wanna see realistic lashes too, i don’t like the blocky ones that sims 4, i’d be okay with it though, perhaps we’d have different eyelashes to choose from?

    Sliders would probably be fine for most things except heights (because of the animations) , but I proposed an alternative for that on another post 🙂
    For the eyelashes maybe something like Kijiko’s ones? But again, it would depends on the final design of the characters as it shouldn’t look too out of place also 😀

    i was totally thinking like kijikos! those are my favorite eyelashes and i cannot go without them! i’m sure modders would make an eyelash that fits in if they don’t
    i hope theres some kind of height system if not thats totally okay!


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