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  • justarandomgamer300

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    May 3, 2020 at 6:47 pm
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    [quote quote=8645]

    I was wondering about Cultures is it going to have real world cultures or something different? This is out of curiosity; I do like the idea of giving the game different cultures and ethnicities 🙂 I remember Alex said about having different elements of cultures and ethnicities. (Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question.)

    We don’t know about that yet, but personally, i wouldn’t like real-world cultures because i absolutely disagree with the European/Western culture the Sims is clinging on to. a lot of cultures are misrepresented and there would be controversy about which are the more “important” or “popular” cultures and that would be ugly. So i’d prefer made up cultures!


    Wait did the sims had some problems and misrepresented some cultures? I haven’t heard about it can you tell about what happen?


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