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  • sweetchilli

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    May 3, 2020 at 11:41 am
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    I agree with everything Bailey is saying. My concern is that I don’t think a game could ever represent a real-life culture well enough to be satisfactory to someone of that culture. An attempt to do this would inevitably lead to stereotyping; even if the devs had the best intentions, the realities of a culture might not have been communicated well enough to them due to language, distance, or innocently made assumptions. I can’t help but see a major danger zone here. Also, I must stress this point, though made already, “East Asia” is not a single culture. It’s not even a single nation. Condensing down an entire region into a category is not a healthy way to think about culture. Personally, I think Paralives should keep it vague, not define their cultures in real world terms, and leave the storytelling to us.


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