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  • MaybeAlex

    May 2, 2020 at 7:04 am
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    I actually want to play as a human. Create a character (either male or female, but most possibly male) that is lazy, quiet, reserved, maximum introverted, loner, has social anxiety, and starts off living a good chunk of his life with no friends or social interactions. At most, he will be stoic, but also highly empathetic and philosophical- his hobbies would include gaming, and spending time away in his room. Probably playing some instrument as well. He will either be bi or homosexual. At some point in life, he will meet my second creation- his sheer opposite. While empathetic as well, energetic, somewhat extroverted, simple, and over-all open. And then.. I’ll make them fall for each other.
    Worthy to mention they’ll be teens/young adults (18-20). Is it too specific? Maybe.
    I simply love the idea of opposites.


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