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Home Forums General Ideas What hobbies would you like your parafolk to have? Reply To: What hobbies would you like your parafolk to have?

  • bailey

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    May 1, 2020 at 8:32 pm
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    According to the Apr Devstalk, sports are confirmed by one of the developers 🙂 I’m happy to see that. I wonder now which ones we’ll get and how they’ll function. I can’t imagine we’ll see a huge number fully animated and programmed sports games, but maybe we could have a town gym, stadium, or arena that Parafolks could visit to watch games. We wouldn’t be able to see inside of them, but we could hear the games going on and it could light up at night. Maybe we could have in-universe sports teams with outfits and merchandise that can be purchased and Paras can be fans of.

    But on to the main focus, sports as a hobby. It would be nice if Paras could take up a sport as young children and have to practice often to keep up their skills. I’d be cute if they could join little league teams, which could allow them to learn to play better. As they grow older they can learn more techniques. Parafolk with sports as a hobby would probably enjoy watching that sport on TV and watching games in person. They might want to do these actions without the player having to make them do it. If schools have sports teams, Paras might want to join if their preferred hobby sport is available.


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