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  • bailey

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    May 1, 2020 at 3:57 pm
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    @Cakeefeatured On the topic of moving I totally agree. It would be cool to have Parafolk moving throughout the town. Then having to deal with new neighbors. Sadness of old friends leaving, but possibly making new friends. And I would so love gameplay like that.

    I don’t know if this would be hard to implement, but I think a section for World Progression/Story Progression in settings would be the best for customization of our own towns. We could choose what the NPCs in the world can and can’t do with toggles.

    “Parafolk in the world can move to new homes” (Yes/No). And if no is selected, they’d stay locked into the home they were initially placed in.
    “Parafolk can acquire pet [dogs] [cats] [horses]” With each option being selectable. So if you click off cats and horses, but not dogs, no Paras that didn’t previously have a dog will go out and get any.
    With holidays, I know Alex said they’re considering a calendar. If it makes it through, I agree it would make sense to be able to mark on the calendar when a family celebrates a particular holiday. For the rest of the town, perhaps that could be done with a slider to select what percentage of NPCs will celebrate each holiday. So that way you could make a holiday that is universally celebrated, and others that only a few people in town celebrate.


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