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  • Amazing_Star

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    May 1, 2020 at 12:27 pm
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    [quote quote=8535]Don’t get me wrong, this sounds cool, but having the game do something automatically makes me worry about the game not getting the specific snapshot or footage I wanted. Also like you said, I’m not sure how this could be programmed. Like, would the game automatically register when a birthday party or other event is going on and just automatically start recording or taking pictures throughout the whole party? Because that could surely result in thousands of pictures. And how would the game know when the party is over?

    How do you think this should function? I like the idea, but it sounds like it would be hard to manage.


    My idea is that the game would take photo of a specific moment (that would be programmed). So for example during wedding, game would take photo of couple exchanging their rings and their kiss, cutting a cake. During birthdays, game would take photo of parafolk blowing out the candles. I was also thinking that maybe some photos could be done with animations – game would put parafolks into poses and game would create a photo.

    Videotapes are definitely more problematic. So I was thinking that maybe player would set up a parafolk with camera and the game would realize what to do – so for example, game would realize that there’s aisle, so shooting would start exactly at the moment of wedding and camera would follow path of aisle.

    Honestly I would rather have automatic photos than videotapes, since I can see why automatic videotapes could cause such problems and might be harder to implement.

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