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  • cakeefeatured

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    April 29, 2020 at 6:30 pm
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    Hmm I’d like friends or paras in general to be able to greet each other in-passing whether they’re taking a stroll through the neighborhood and see a neighbor at their door or garden they’d wave at them or have a quick catch up then go back to their task. Or be it they’re in town wave and yell a “hey!” If possible in their car they could honk at each other.
    – Two Friends locking arms with each other while walking and talking me and my friends used to do this Lol. It could work for couples too especially elderly couples!
    – Friends sharing food or drinks with each other maybe asking a para to try this food or try this drink. Friends stealing each other’s food is also a common thing lol.
    – paraS in general being either empathetic or apathetic towards each other depending on their personalities when there’s a breakup, or crush, or rejection, promotion etc.

    Romantic wise this wouldn’t be all paras but I guess depending on their personalities? A Para walking up to their husband/wife/sig-other and hugging them from behind maybe whisper in their ear, a little pardon kiss on the cheek or forehead when they leave for work or leaving each other for the evening, cuddling laying down on couch while having a conversation, sit on paras lap,


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