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  • Aibas(Ahmed Saddig)

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    April 29, 2020 at 12:25 pm
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    [quote quote=8506]On one hand I think lore in general is great and I’m looking forward to seeing what Paralives has to offer in their world. That said, I’m curious about this idea of multiculturalism. Did Alex state what he meant by that? If so, are we talking about real world cultures, or game made cultures? Because San Fransokyo is of course based on real world San Fran and Tokyo, which is cool that they combined those two real world cultures into a unique on for the film, but for a life sim game, I think people would hope for more. If Alex is looking into making the initial town based around some real world cultures, I worry about people being upset at picking and choosing which places get represented and which won’t.

    But aside from that, for me personally, I’m really interested since Alex’s blurbs for the game mentioned that the town will be full of events and lively people so it sounds this place would have a rich history. I’m also curious if we’ll be able to even customize that history ourselves since he did say he’s looking into us being able to make our own holidays and stuff.

    I was also thinking of made up cultures, since there would be some controversy on how some real-world cultures are portrayed. This is an idea, as we don’t know the extent Alex and the Dev’s will take with Multiculturalism. SanFransokyo was only an example for people who didn’t quite understand what i meant, i don’t expect and wouldn’t want SanFransokyo to be replicated 100%. But just to use it as inspiration.


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