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  • sweetchilli

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    April 28, 2020 at 11:49 pm
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    [quote quote=8488]I had a thought and wanted some community feedback on the matter. What do people think of making fertility somewhat realistic? Aka, the younger a Para is in her adult life, the easier it is for her to conceive, but as she gets older, it becomes a bit more difficult. Is this gameplay people would be interested in, or nah? Personally I think it would be interesting, but I could totally do without it, especially for the initial release. I could easily see people not liking it if they feel they need to rush to have Parakids because an actual biological clock is ticking. But I also know a lot of people would like a more realistic pregnancy experience.

    @Bailey I personally wouldn’t get anything out of it in regular gameplay and it would probably impede my plans to have obscene numbers of children. No one would be able to do 100 baby challenges either. I think it is something some people will want, but many people will not. If the devs ever decided to allow script mods though I can see someone modding stuff like this.


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