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  • sweetchilli

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    April 27, 2020 at 4:34 am
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    [quote quote=8435]

    Cool ideas. I’m a little confused by what you mean by boroughs. I think I’d prefer my worlds to be small and cute and separate from one another (though travel between with boats/planes/trains maybe). This makes it more manageable if I am to create a world from scratch. It also opens doors for me to create (hopefully if this is possible) neighbourhoods in different climates/biomes, rather than be stuck with one big but localised world I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of. I don’t want to spend ALL of my time in the city, and I want the devs to have time to make other places, if you get what I mean?

    By boroughs I mean how NYC is set up for instance it’s broken up into boroughs like Brooklyn, Manhattan etc. so the world is still open world you can still travel around like you said with boats,cars etc. without loading screens and it’s not restricted to just one place, it’s just those certain sections are titled as different towns/places if that makes sense? But this is totally up to players discretion when you’re in CAW and we all make our own custom worlds. So if you want one section to be a moutanious region you could do that or have one be a suburban area it wouldnt restrict that. And this is also for any custom world we make in CAW (create a world) not just cities 🙂 I just put cities because I like playing them a bit more.

    If what I think you’re saying about neighborhoods with different climates would that be for each neighborhood or universally? Because that’s also what I hope for and mean by being able to create boroughs each one is unique. Lol i’m so sorry if this is confusing I’m still trying to word it all right without it being so WORDY, but seem to be failing lol..


    I’ve never heard of a “borough” before. I live in suburban Australia. Some ways of thinking are localised. I really don’t see the point of sectioning off my world. If I want to visit a separate locale, I make it somewhere interesting, like going from the beach to the mountains by way of loading screen. My beach would have different weather from my mountains, even different seasons, so they really wouldn’t belong on one screen. And I don’t want all the devs’ attention to be on creating a big location that’s actually three locations, when they can make three separate locations in different images of beauty. I want my worlds to be small, unique and personal.


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