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  • sweetchilli

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    April 27, 2020 at 4:09 am
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    Incorporating diverse bodies is a good idea, but I think a slider would be complicated and not satisfactory to everyone – what characteristics change with the slider? I think there should be individual sliders for each characteristic. For cisgender players there should be restrictions to sliders to keep within the confines of typical sex characteristics, then I think there should be a check box if you want to remove gender restrictions on sliders. That is how I see that working. I would like all clothes to be unisex very much, though that’s not to say no to gendered clothing like dresses/skirts – I just want to be able to put them on whatever para I like. Definite yes to layering clothing, though I don’t think I need to choose their underwear – just the ability to toggle jackets and scarves and stuff over whatever I like would be good.


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