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    April 25, 2020 at 6:29 pm
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    Will you begin the game using cheat codes or will you earn your way to buying your dream home/hut/boathouse?
    I think for my first family I will make a town house then I will have them earn their way up into a better plot of land to build a home.

    Do you plan on starting the game with a single Parafolk, a couple or a family and will you be creating your own parafolk’s’ or playing with an already made one?

    I will most likely make a couple from scratch from one of my stories I’ve written. Because I usually end up making a single character and play out their life from there.

    Will your Parafolk be self employed, working from home, or applying for jobs made available?

    Hmm I want one to be a self employer and have their own business and the other I want to go job hunting.

    Do you plan on letting your Parafolks playout themselves (free will style) or will you be controlling their every move down to the person they fall in love with?

    Control freak here lol so controlling everything they do nonetheless, unless one is away in town then I will let them be autonomous if they can manage it.

    Do you plan on creating your Parafolk’s love interest or will you let them meet one out in the para world?
    My para couple will be each other’s love interest 🙂 so both will be made in the PAM

    Will your Parafolk’s’ be a part of a cult? Parahuman or non-Parahuman?

    What kind of life are you planing to play out in Paralives?
    Im not sure depends on what we can do in the game. Overall aside from my first para fam, I want to start out as a young adult and have my para find love, travel, get a career, get married, and hopefully have a few kids and let them travel a bit.


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