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  • bailey

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    April 25, 2020 at 6:13 pm
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    I hate to double post, but I thought of a few cute sibling interactions for kids in Paralives.

    -If a new baby is born to a family that already has kids, the kids can go over to the crib and talk to the baby. Younger toddlers may try to play with the baby through the bars and show them their toys. Older toddlers/young kids may try to climb into the crib to play with the baby (if multiple Parafolk can be in one crib). Older kids may read books to the baby or tell them stories. Similar interactions could work if we have play pens and/or car seats too.

    -If we get car seats to let the baby sit in, older kids/teens can pick it up and carry the baby around and try to rock them to sleep. Younger toddlers/kids could only try to rock it while on the floor.

    -Older siblings could try to learn to feed their baby siblings (both bottle feeding and solid food). Younger toddlers/kids would need an adult to show them first before they can do it on their own. Older kids would already be able to do it by themselves.

    -Older kids could try to teach their baby siblings how to crawl and walk when the baby gets older. They could get down on the floor and crawl around them to encourage the baby to crawl after them. For walking, they could pick them up and try to help them walk on their own.

    I don’t expect all of these to make it in for the initial release of course, but hopefully it could happen eventually. Also, I really hope interactions between siblings could be programmed to work for multiple kids. Imagine a pair of twins trying to help their new baby sister/brother learn to walk. It would be super cute.


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