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  • bailey

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    April 25, 2020 at 3:46 pm
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    I know I relied to these posts yesterday, but it seems my reply got deleted.

    [quote quote=8388]I think it’d be cool to have just like in real life a closed or open adoption. Maybe a para who is just unfit to be a parent or not prepared could put their child in the system after they’re born. Could still want to know the child and not have them completely out of their life. Or the parents could not want their kids knowing who they are at all and therefore have a closed adoption to the adopted parents.

    For later on when the adopted kids grow up it’d be nice if the adopted parents could tell them they’re adopted or not mention it at all and it’d be history. However if they get papers and theyre lying around somewhere (and paras have the ability to decipher information like this) maybe the kids could become upset or not care they’re adopted


    @cakeefeatured If they can program open and closed adoptions, I think it would be nice to have both. They could possibly add gameplay where the birth parents and adoptive parents can make arrangements to have the child visit the birth parents occasionally.

    Being able to have the discussion to the child that they’re adopted when they’re older (if you adopt a really young child), could be interesting as well.

    [quote quote=8393]Somehow the post I made yesterday got deleted so I’ll post it again.

    I like the idea of adoption but, if it’s a married couple, I would like it to show in the family tree that both paras are the parents. In TS2, I had the wife call to adopt a little girl. When she grew up, the husband (a player) started flirting with her. When I looked at the family tree, it only showed the wife as the mother and no relation to the husband. I had to move mom and the child out – ruining an otherwise happy marriage.


    @amandac Yeah, I know I responded to these yesterday. It might have been the maintenance that messed some posts up. Anyway, I agree with this. An adopted child should show up in both family trees of a married couple.


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