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  • bailey

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    April 23, 2020 at 4:05 pm
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    I think a lot of these are great. Some might be a bit unnecessary, like the epidural, shots, and c-section deliveries (though it would be great if these actually make it in), but overall I like a lot of these idea.

    The responses to a thread I made yesterday reminded me that we’ll need a balance of things taking place over multiple days relating to the Parafolks lifespan. I understand that we all want things to take place over realistic amounts of time, but as game players, we also don’t want to miss out on too much of our parafolks lives. So it might be better if they don’t have to stay at the hospital too long after delivering a baby. Perhaps some deliveries will be easier on the mother and she can go home the next day, but if she has a difficult delivery it could take a few days. I hope we’ll get some more insight on how long a Para’s lifespan is so we can more acculturate think about things like this, but overall I love these ideas and hope they make it into the game.


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