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  • bailey

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    April 23, 2020 at 3:36 pm
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    [quote quote=8350]This sounds great — I would also like the option of picking children based on their traits or behaviors, if you will. Someone who would fit in with the current family.


    @Rosie I was actually mixed on the idea of seeing the child’s personality before the adoption. On one hand I can definitely see why that would be good for the player, but another part of me thought of it from a real life point of view where you’d never now the child’s full personality until you actually brought them home and lived with them. Gameplay wise, I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing the personality beforehand.

    [quote quote=8356]I don’t know if they could do all these ideas, but I like the potential for storytelling a lot. Some part of me would be frustrated by the inconvenience of waiting for a few days, especially if “a few days” is a significant chunk of a para’s life because of the time/ageing mechanics of the game. Other than that, these ideas would make the game realistic and a greater challenge, and I welcome any challenge that can keep the game from growing stale.


    @Sweetchilli True, I guess I hadn’t thought about how it would work with the Parafolk lifespan. I do really hope they’ll have long lives, but if not I guess maybe there could be an option for a “quicker” adoption where the process is slightly faster so it doesn’t take away too much gameplay time.

    [quote quote=8365]This is actually not really about adoption (but it is tho) but firstly, I would like to see option for same sex / gender couples to still be able to have biological kids. (surrogacy / sperm donors)

    And back to the adoptions – foster care. It is definitely thing I want in game. And after fostering a child, you would be able to adopt him / her.

    I think that confirmation of adoption could happen in court house – adoption is a pretty much big moment for both kid and parent, so having something like this could interpret such thing – showing emotions of both sides, kids could be able to bring their friends, parents rest of the family and close friends.


    @Amazing_Star I was reluctant to mention things like foster care or a court since we don’t know yet if we’ll have those in game. I do think a rabbit hole could suffice, but I would certainly like if these could make it in the game. I’m okay with the idea that if you go through foster care you must foster the child first, as long as there also adoptions where you can adopt kids without needing to foster first.

    [quote quote=8364]I would like to see if the adoption system (young paras and pets) would possibly include maybe a home visit by a social worker or in the case of pets someone who works at the shelter and see if the children or pets are a good match for your household.


    @ParalivesandthePauper Yes, I mentioned the home visit in my post. That’s definitely the biggest thing I want to see from an adoption system. I think the Paraparents must have some sort of contact with a foster care or social worker before they can adopt a child. Maybe even needing to take a test as well.


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