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  • Bodil Bührmann

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    April 23, 2020 at 12:48 pm
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    I have also been thinking of some other issues. CHOISES! It is importent with choises for the parafolks in the game..and maby not always the most obvious choices. And of couse consequences.
    A well balances game should have “dangeres” chouses for Parafolks with consequensces as well as more secure choises. I know for a fact that lot of people, playing these kind of games, love to try things they normally would not choose..because it is safe in the game, not in RL. So should we have psykopats…in the game and can they be punished….Should we have the possibillaty for addicted in the game and can they be cured?…Should we have the option to choose between rigth and wrong and what is right and wrong??? It is choises that gives the game contents! Well thats my opinion!
    What do you think????


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