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  • Bodil Bührmann

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    April 23, 2020 at 11:49 am
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    This info brings me joy! And it is the future to fund independent projects in that way. And inderpendens is good. But it also brings responsibility.

    I hope that you, the crew, have thought that a your game can affect the player. These kind of games do. So in what way should we be indfluences?
    Make peace not war, take care of the nature, be kind towards each other, dont let money be the most importen thing in your life, or just kill each other we dont care! hehe
    That’s a bit square said, but if you take a look on all the sims games, they have all send a different messages to the player on how we should treat each other….and what was importent as a living being…Ohh it is difficult to explain in english, but i hope you get my meaning!


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