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  • ParalivesandthePauper

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    April 22, 2020 at 10:50 am
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    I think and im hoping im not wrong but I could see Paralives taking a bit more of an impactful route with gameplay. One of the things people loved about Sims 2 was its attention to detail. In Paralives, it would be rather interesting to see how pregnancy will play out. I’m hoping that pregnancy will be more impactful and meaningful to our parafolks lives. Think more along the lines of it being an experience than something that just happens.

    For example, having our paras go to the doctors for an ultrasound visit to find out the gender of their baby or babies. Having other paras interact with the pregnant para by rubbing their belly and listening for any sounds or feeling and kicks. Then as time goes on a baby shower is thrown to celebrate the up and coming para to be with the parents having friends and family come and bring food and gifts to celebrate the occasion. Of course I don’t expect it to be a walk or in this case, waddle, in the park for paras. I’m sure there will be a few ups and downs like morning sickness and cravings and things of that nature.

    As for the babies themselves I’m glad to hear that babies won’t be objects. One thing I think that other games might’ve overlooked or oversimplified is that babies and toddlers are not the same. Toddlers are more developed and are able to do much more but babies can still do things too like play with rattles, play with building blocks or crawl around on the floor. It would be really cool if we were given playpens and bouncers too.


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