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  • bailey

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    April 21, 2020 at 7:08 pm
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    I wanted to discuss this topic, but I didn’t see a thread already on this subject. So I decided to post it here since I wasn’t sure if it even needed its own thread.

    I was wondering about the community’s thoughts on holidays, since Alex has already confirmed that some will be in the game. How do you think they should function in the game?

    We’ve seen elements of Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and Halloween through early footage, though but I’m interested in knowing how they might work in the full game.

    There’s another game I’d played previously with a system for holidays, but I honestly found the system a bit limiting in ways. Basically, you create a checklist of 4 or 5 things to do within the holiday and that determines how happy the person is by the end of the day. If they don’t do anything, they end the day sad, but if they do everything on the list, they go to bed happy. It’s also not specific on how many times you need to do this thing in order for it to count on the checklist. It honestly always felt like a grind to get everything done and a lot of times it wasn’t fun. I personally, hope Paralives takes a more open approach.

    Quite personally, I think a nice, simple setup for holidays would be that you can select different traditions or activities that are typically done on the holiday, but they aren’t like a mandatory checklist. Basically if you end up doing them, your Para is happy in the moment, but if you don’t they remain neutral. So if you’re unable to do everything, they don’t end the day depressed if something else came up.

    Another issue with the other game’s holiday system was that, for some reason that I can’t wrap my head around, it automatically chose who did and didn’t like a holiday tradition, and it was pretty much always based on age. I really would like to see Paralives allow players to choose what each Parafolk likes and doesn’t like and to certainly not limit it to age. Just as a random example, lets say one Para child could love eating turkey on Thanksgiving, but their twin brother likes pumpkin pie the most. Two Parafolk, same age, but different likes for the same holiday.

    I’m hope by the time Alex and the team get around to talking about the holiday system he’ll let us know on what his plans are, and maybe ask the community for ideas as well.


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