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    April 19, 2020 at 7:57 pm
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    I originally had this as a reply to but thought to add it as a part of the post as well
    I think it’d be cool if some of the careers could have more challenges, we could set the setting on how careers would work such as:

    add more work related scenarios (like scenarios we have to play through by asking and answering a series of questions not too many but enough to make it interesting. Which would be great for actor musician careers, it could lead into interact with fans or invite fans on stage or something along those lines.)

    Task based where you’d click a series of task to do around the office you have to complete before the day is finished.

    Autonomous the para does their job their way

    Or performance based
    mini games within a career especially if it something engineer related it could be one of those puzzles with circuits or pipes we have to solve in 1 min or a matching game or some sort.

    You’d have to click at least two or three options, or have it all mixed it up randomly each day. There could also be the option of opting out of this as well.


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