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  • akemi

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    April 19, 2020 at 7:19 am
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    Hey Parahubs.
    I’m curious to read if anyone has already thought up plans for their Parafolks?

    Definitely, if I dip into my mind for ideas, I’d be soaked.

    Will you begin the game using cheat codes or will you earn your way to buying your dream home/hut/boathouse?
    I’ll definitely earn my way at first! If I’m trying to set up a certain environment for my parafolks, like say, fighting over the ancestral home with rich relatives, I’d cheat to make those relative rich.

    Do you plan on starting the game with a single Parafolk, a couple or a family and will you be creating your own parafolk’s’ or playing with an already generated one?
    I’m gonna start with a single customised P.folk, and just explore and meet people.

    Will your Parafolk be self employed, working from home, or applying for jobs made available?
    It’s gonna be up to my Para on what they’d want to do. Obviously, they can’t tell me, but I’d be observing their hobbies and likes and dislikes, then I’ll pick an occupation and make up a story on why they did that. Unless.. they can tell me..

    Do you plan on letting your Parafolks playout themselves (free will style) or will you be controlling their every move down to the person they fall in love with?
    I’d like to think of me as my Para’s fairy godparent. I can guide them to things that’ll make them succeed and if they have the sudden impulse to get ice cream and see someone they’d like to date, I’d happily help them get it. I’m tired of directing all of my characters’ lives. I want them to make things interesting for me, not the other way around.

    Do you plan on creating your Parafolk’s love interest or will you let them meet one out in the para world?
    Definitely meet. It’s way cuter and just like in real life–unless I’m making a couple from the start, of course

    Will your Parafolk’s’ be a part of a cult? Parahuman or non-Parahuman?
    I’m okay starting with either, but if my current Para wants to join some cult, I’ll be along for the ride.

    What kind of life are you planing to play out in Paralives? 🤓
    A life they wanted for themselves. Kids, no kids, married or single. I can start with a plan for their life and end up with something completely different. Just like real life.


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