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  • SecretName

    April 18, 2020 at 3:04 pm
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    quote Keely post_id=90 time=1563457355 user_id=129:

    Rabbits, for example, are very complicated animals and it would be cruel to put them in a small cage. If they were added, I would like them to be able to roam around the Houses/apartments (but not go outside without supervision).

    Give us the option to let every pet roam around on the lot, but depending on the pet they will have an X% chance of running away if left without supervision 😆
    Dogs 0-10%
    Cats 0-20%
    Rabbits 30-80%
    Rats 70-100%
    Fox 90-100%
    (percent range because some pets are more attached to their owners)


    This would definitely be amazing, but I think there should also be an option in the settings to turn this off in case someone is for example recording a story, in which case the pets running away would be very inconvinient.


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