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  • Clara J

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    April 18, 2020 at 2:35 pm
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    I would like there to be special games the kids, the little ones after toddlers could play together, like the usual things like playing catch or kicking a ball around, but also playing hiding go seek, watching tv together, really talking together about different things!

    And more toys and playground equipment, and of course clothes for them too and the toddlers of course, not to mention hair of course! Hats, jewelry, for kids would be nice, since the other game doesn’t seem to think kids wear jewelry at all or they come up with just one type of watch, some bright coloured thing and maybe one or two necklaces, no rings at all, barely even any glasses even!

    Kids of all ages seem to get forgotten in it, so I hope that doesn’t happen with Paralives!

    Like even the teens don’t have anything special about them or for them, the only difference between them and the young adults is they make them really shapeless, if they are thin normally, they are toothpicks as teens, like if you make a character as a young adult, just to get their look the way you want them, they turn them into a shapeless toothpick as a teen, like all teens are made the same and when they grow up they don’t look the way you premade them either, the game changes them! So I would hope that won’t happen with Paralives!

    I was thinking about how it would be nice to have more interactions with the kids with parents in that they will like go out to the park together or to a place to eat, maybe to have ice cream or hamburgers or maybe if they had them a place with animals, maybe a petting zoo later on with real piglets, goats, sheep and other cute animals for the Para’s all to come and pet, feed and play with even!

    Since we will have horses maybe a horse ranch where the Para’s who don’t have a place for a horse could go ride one, and there could be ponies for the kids to ride then too!

    Also I was thinking about like having a more real like treehouse and also a playhouse for them too, maybe where the parents even have to build it, but maybe also a premade one in case we don’t want to have to wait for our Para to build it for the kids, so they can get to play in it sooner!

    I just know I want there to be a real playground equipment, like swings, slides, monkey bars as well as a jungle gym thing, but not like that other game did, which looks weird in normal peoples backyards, meaning none rich ones,lol! It took so long for them to even give us a swing and we still don’t have a slide, probably never will either!

    I hope we get baby buggies/carriages, swings for them and the toddler’s, playpens with toys for them to use while in it, changing tables, parents going to the fridge to get a bottle, throwing dirty diapers in the garbage, stuff like that, instead of doing like poof all the time, either stuff appears in their hands or disappears, lol!


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