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  • amandac

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    April 18, 2020 at 10:21 am
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    [quote quote=8203]Hey Parahubs.
    I’m curious to read if anyone has already thought up plans for their Parafolks?.
    i have some idea, but it all depends what the final product looks like

    Will you begin the game using cheat codes or will you earn your way to buying your dream home/hut/boathouse?
    I don’t like using cheat codes so they will earn whatever they get.

    Do you plan on starting the game with a single Parafolk, a couple or a family and will you be creating your own parafolk’s’ or playing with an already generated one?

    Again, it depends on the final product, but I have three scenarios that I’ve used in the past:

    1. Single person fresh out of a foster home (explains the no parents). No education so must start at the bottom of the career ladder. In the beginning, there’s no time for romance. Everything is work, building/decorating the house, friends.

    2. Elder retired couple with their daughter/son who move to a new town so she/he can start a career. While she/he is working, parents spend their time going around town looking for a suitable mate to bring to the house and introduce them. What happens next depends on the chemistry between the young ones. I then follow the life of this young couple.

    3. Mature woman who just lost her husband. They never had children and were planning on adopting before he passed. She decides to be a foster parent instead and takes in five unrelated school-age children (with very different personalities) who eventually become life-long friends. I then follow the lives of these five children.

    Will your Parafolk be self employed, working from home, or applying for jobs made available?
    Probably applying for a job outside the home.

    Do you plan on letting your Parafolks playout themselves (free will style) or will you be controlling their every move down to the person they fall in love with?
    Free will all the way.

    Do you plan on creating your Parafolk’s love interest or will you let them meet one out in the para world?
    Hopefully they will meet them in the para world.

    Will your Parafolk’s’ be a part of a cult? Parahuman or non-Parahuman?
    No, never.

    What kind of life are you planing to play out in Paralives? 🤓
    I like playing families with a lot of drama on their way to happiness.



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