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  • wonbit

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    April 17, 2020 at 8:42 pm
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    I actually have something of a tradition when it comes to simulation games. My first time playing, I ALWAYS do the exact same thing in terms of general play-style with some changes when it comes to careers, partners, etc. I’ll probably keep this tradition up just because I’m attached to it.
    That being said, I’ll make a semi-self-insert para and then I’ll just explore the game with her (I’ve actually done this multiple times when I first played other games and she always has the exact same name but relatively different appearances. If I decide she’s getting kids they also usually have the same names as ones from previous games did). I’ll move her into a pre-existing starter home all by herself, get her a nice career where she can climb the ranks, and let her live her life until I have her meet someone and settle down. Usually I end up moving her to a new, more expensive home or I just keep on upgrading the starter home until it’s unrecognizable. This might sound like it gets repetitive but it’s just something I like to do so I can reminisce on all the different versions of this family I’ve had in the past. It’s my little initiation ritual, I guess I could call it.
    I’ve gotta be honest though, I’m very tempted to break my tradition with paralives since there’s so many things I wanna try all at once when the game comes out. We’ll see if I can pull through when the time comes, hahah.


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