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  • Tigerlilly

    April 17, 2020 at 5:43 pm
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    Something that I desperately want in a game like this is clothes from specific decades because my favourite part of these games are creating the characters. And almost all of my custom content is clothes from different eras and I don’t know how many this idea would appeal to but in an ideal world for me these would be included:

    1920s: ridiculously sparkly flapper dresses, short curly haired up-dos, suave suits, suspenders, pearls, makeup with heart shaped lips and dark eyes like silent film stars, think great gatsby.
    1940s: pin-up girl fashion, rosie the riveter hair and bandanas.
    1950s: basically everyone looks like they came straight out of Grease.
    1960s: hippies, go-go boots, mod fashion, mini skirts/dresses, long hair with a curl at the bottom, round sunglasses.
    1970s: flared jeans/trousers, sequins, brightly coloured suits, everyone looking like they’re in an abba tribute band.
    1980s: punk/rocker clothes, torn fishnets, BIG hair, obnoxious makeup choices, shoulder pads, the workout clothes from this decade ALONE.
    1990s: grunge (nirvana), preteen/teen girl clothes (spice girls), cheetah print, the hair with those little butterfly clips in.

    Just a few ideas for each one so you get the gist of what I mean 🙂


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