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  • bailey

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    April 17, 2020 at 4:09 pm
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    I’m curious to read if anyone has already thought up plans for their Parafolks?

    Will you begin the game using cheat codes or will you earn your way to buying your dream home/hut/boathouse?

    It really depends. I might cheat them a little money just while I get used to the game, but I want them to work for what they want.

    Do you plan on starting the game with a single Parafolk, a couple or a family and will you be creating your own parafolk’s’ or playing with an already made one?

    I’ll be making a family of my own, as I’ve done in other life sims. I find the idea of playing with only one person super boring. I prefer big families with lots of children.

    Will your Parafolk be self employed, working from home, or applying for jobs made available?

    Ideally I’d like to have one parent go out and work while the other stays home with younger children.

    Do you plan on letting your Parafolks playout themselves (free will style) or will you be controlling their every move down to the person they fall in love with?

    I’m kind of a control freak. I’ll try to give them free reign to choose their likes and interests, but in terms of who they marry, I’d mainly be choosing based on what I want. Of course, it depends on how the Parafolk function and how strong their personalities are. I might be more willing to let them do what they want if I see it reflected in how they actually behave.

    Do you plan on creating your Parafolk’s love interest or will you let them meet one out in the para world?

    I prefer to create my initial families already together, married, and with kids. For the following generations, I’m not sure, as I’ve never really done anything like that. As I mentioned earlier, I am very controlling. I’d prefer to control every aspect of my Parafolks love life. It will all depend on what the game will offer us.

    Will your Parafolk’s’ be a part of a cult? Parahuman or non-Parahuman?


    What kind of life are you planing to play out in Paralives? 🤓

    I’m very boring. I enjoy playing average, ‘normal’ families just living out their daily lives. Kids going to school, parents going to work, and wherever that takes them. I don’t need flashy, rich celebrity lifestyles or life as the neighborhood astronaut. I don’t plan on doing anything out of the ordinary for my Parafolks lives and I’m fine with that.


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