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  • Ashes

    Admin July 18, 2019 at 9:36 am
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    I agree with these ideas, the only thing I would say is maybe not getting too much patterns for the game itself and more possibilities to add them to the game ourselves to avoid the problem of the sims 3 create a style being extremely laggy because of the sheer amount of patterns for it. Also, instead of plain swatches of different color, just a simple one with a color wheel option (again, to avoid to have too many different pattern possibilities and make it laggy).
    Also, depending on the final design of the characters, maybe some realistic lashes. I like the idea of layer of make up to make it personalized, and would propose the same for jewelry when it comes to rings or necklaces, or even people wanting more earings (with a resizing and drag higher or lower function maybe).


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