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  • Calarand

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    April 13, 2020 at 9:52 pm
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    This is strictly my personal opinion, but I’m not sure there’s a place for this level of negative relationships in a game that is not rated mature. OP wants obsession, hate, restraining orders, stalking, clingy jealousy… that’s a whole basket of vipers that’s not really suitable for a product aimed at a younger audience. Simulating unhealthy, potentially violent and harmful relationships is not something I – as an adult – would be looking for as a form of entertainment, either. I have watched videos of similar mechanics added via script mods to the Sims and it was not only frightening to see how far people were willing to go with it, but also extremely uncomfortable to witness. I understand Paralives is to be a simulation of life, but… let’s not bring into it everything that is wrong in our real, every-day life. Let the world of fantasy be just that: an escape from reality.

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