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  • <div>I’m an artist, have been playing with 3D art for the past 9 or so years, and I can safely say: in anything 3D, be it a static image, an animation, or a game, lighting is what ultimately makes it look natural and pleasing to the eye. Create the most realistic elements or animations but put them in a badly lit environment and they’ll remain just 3D elements without life or character. Give them a realistic lighting, however, and they’ll spring to life.

    This is exactly what I saw in the Maggie’s Loft video: warm sunlight painting the floor and walls with intricate shadows. Little spots of light shining through the curtains fabric, the softness of the darkness in the back, among the shelves. Colors warmed by light and subdued in the shadows… and then there’s the gorgeous, flickering light from the neon on the wall! I could go on, but the point is that you can feel the warmth of the sun in there and the soft breeze coming in from the open door. And that makes me VERY happy.</div><div>

    EDIT: unfortunately they completely ruined it with the change of style as seen in the Maggie reveal video. No subtleties left, just blocky, flat lighting and shadows. A pity.


    Posted April 13, 2020 at 10:38 am