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The Paralives Hub Forums Paralives Discussion Let’s Not Put Too Much Expectations On The Team Reply To: Let’s Not Put Too Much Expectations On The Team

  • Kaylin

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    April 12, 2020 at 6:14 pm
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    I am probably wrong, but I don’t think anyone has certain expectations of how they are developing paralives, I don’t. From what I’ve seen the team is doing amazing work especially with the pandemic going on. More suggestions the better in my opinion. It gives the team some unique opportunities and ideas to implement. Something we’ve never seen in a life simulator. It’s not really fair to say that paralives won’t be on the same level if not better than the sims. We have little information thus far. They aren’t pushing out an unfinished game just to get money. They’re taking their time. Not everyone is going to love this game, but you can tell that the team actually cares about making a great game. Also more is coming in the base game than the sims has ever had. Even if they don’t follow everyone’s suggestions (there’s no possible way they can) they’re adding the most important aspect for me, depth and lots of it. As for the game itself I absolutely don’t want it to be a copy cat. I’m looking for something that’s completely different.

    As far as EA goes they absolutely don’t care about their fan base that has been more than obvious with this last joke of a game the are calling the sims 4. Even with sims 5 trying to push multiplayer when the majority of simmers don’t want it at all. They are trying to screw people over (and successfully doing so) with microtransactions and dlc for dlc. Also doing half*** work because modders will take care of the rest. I have stopped supporting EA because I’m not happy about the way they are doing things. So I’ve been playing TS2 until Paralives comes out.