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  • bujomomo

    April 12, 2020 at 10:06 am
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    to add to the education part, i hope there will be an option for homeschooling, private school, boarding school, etc. <aka non traditional forms of school>

    [quote quote=6480]I think careers could be taken in a slightly different direction than the sims. How I think this could be accomplished in linking up education and skills to these careers. This could even be done well by the creation of a “resume” that automatically populates. I made another entry about skills here >

    I also think they should go to actual places with names to work (if applicable) not just pick up a phone and boom you career-ing (@ sims 4). I personally, think most careers should be rabbit-hole based. Going to work is almost a break for you to think about what else you want to do for your parafolk. Having the occasional chance card/dilemma would be great additions to careers.

    I don’t imagine they could do all of these, but here are some career ideas to include:

    City Hall – City hall jobs don’t pay well, but they get many holidays, good retirement benefits, and are (for the most part) stable jobs. Little to no risk of being fired. High potential for facing corruption.
    Unlike “working up the ladder” you would campaign (build relationships with key parafolk) to win elections. That being said, you have to earn this career and it is best that this is not your first career.
    *Lawyer/Judge (requires college education)
    *Fire Fighter
    *Teacher (requires high skillset in subject through college education)
    Based on skillset, you could be a math, science, literature, or physical education teacher.
    *Sanitation Worker (part-time)

    Corporation ABC – instead of just a “business” job, I think it would be cool to make it more realistic. Working for Corporation ABC you’ll have many hours, higher than average pay, and a high chance of facing corruption aka decision making opportunities. You also have a chance of earning “stock options” resulting in more pay. Not a stable job, chance for getting fired/laid-off.
    *Accountant (from Book-keeper to CFO)
    *Martketing (from Sales Intern to CEO)
    *Human Resources – requires a high skill in psychology/college education (from HR rep to VP Ethics)

    XYZ Labs – for the different science disciplines. All of these will a college education.

    Paralives Health and Medical Facility – truthfully I don’t know much about the medical profession but I think there is so much room for improvement. Not everyone needs to be a doctor!
    *Doctor (requires college education)
    *Psychologist (requires college education)

    Journalism – I think this would be more interesting if your parafolk would specialize in a certain area based on the relationships they build. So basically your career is based on your writing skill and focused in these areas for example:
    *Crime/Investigative – this might be a cool way to incorporate a private investigator of some kind

    *Tutor/Coach – for para’s who have mastered a skill they can tutor other paras when requested
    *Writer – blogs, books, etc.
    *Sales – depending on collectables/craftables they could turn it into profit and open up their own store
    *Nanny/Maid – takes care of the kids, takes care of the house, maybe both
    *Farmer – can’t believe this is even debatable anymore, every country on the planet has farmers yet it’s like pulling teeth to get it in a sims game. Also would make a good farmers market option to sell harvestables.
    *Maintenance Worker – on call to help repair parafolk’s stuff

    Food & Drink
    *Server (part time work)
    *Bar Tender (part time work)
    *Restaurant Management – open up your own restaurant! Could be interesting combo with the farmer career.
    *Brewery/Winery – open up your own brewery/winery whatever your craft may be. Could be interesting combo with farmer/scientist career.

    Real Estate
    *Property Management – literally just owning a piece of property, maintaining it, and making a profit off of it. Opens up the possibility for leasing rental properties to renters, etc.
    *Architect – I think in a game about building, the fact that we don’t have architects/designers is silly. It’s built into the game. Just do it.
    *Construction Worker – a rabbit hole for “off-site construction work”

    Entertainment – I think it would be interesting to book an agency or management company and base your success on your choices/skill level and level of fame:
    *Comedian – book live gigs at various bars, restaurants
    *Professional Athlete – join a sports team; would be cool if we got a specific paralives sport or real life sports like basketball/soccer instead of just “athlete career”
    *Actor – relies heavily on the agency (honestly a similar approach to sims 4…they did something right I guess)
    *Solo Singer
    *Band (similar to the sims 3 but idk…maybe more in depth)

    Misc. Careers –
    *Military – if there’s an option to go college it would be cool to combine a ROTC program/free education program for a certain amount of time in the military
    *Veterinarian – if there are pets or even for farming animals
    *Stylist – I think this is another no brainer…if part of the game is designing your own parafolk, why shouldn’t that easily fit right into the game as a stylist career?
    *University Professor – if we get colleges/universities