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The Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation So…..what are we calling "Woohoo"? Reply To: So…..what are we calling "Woohoo"?

  • Soml

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    April 11, 2020 at 3:48 pm
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    [quote quote=4860]

    I’m personally of the unpopular option that not everything needs a special name just because The Sims has one. That said my proposition is the simple “sleep together”. It’s clear enough that the older players will know what it is referring to, but vague and clean enough for any younger players that may play the game.

    Though I do agree with this to some extent, I also feel like it might be misleading to younger players who might assume “sleep together” literally just means sleeping in the same bed with someone, and then be caught off guard when the paras start doing something a little… different (lol).. than that expectation. I mean obviously this could happen regardless of the word (as it did with me on the Sims when I was younger), and it wouldn’t be explicit anyways because of the game rating, but just something to maybe take into consideration.


    Both comments make true points… And at the end of the day the action between the sheets will be there, naming it won’t change its purpose (or prevent any man, woman or child from clicking it lol) . My opinion is, as long as the name isn’t vulgar, all is well.

    ?How about naming the action *funfun* or *Lovey-dovey* ?