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  • JadeSims93

    April 10, 2020 at 7:58 pm
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    [quote quote=7610]For the family players that like having children. What are some unique things you’d like to see as far as interactions go or items that you’d like to have available for them?

    Advanced details with babies; learning to crawl (skill or interaction),
    Items for babies; stroller, swing, bassinet, crib, playpen,
    Social interactions;

    Advanced details with Toddlers; learning to walk, talk, potty training (skill or interaction),
    Items for toddlers; stroller, bucket swing, jungle gym, ball pit, slide, blocks, sand box, kiddie pool or regular pools that you can make shallow so tots can wade in them,
    Social interactions; sibling rivalry,

    Advanced details with Children;
    Items for children; playground equipment, arts and crafts items, musical instruments, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump rope, hopscotch,
    Social interactions; playing hand games, red rover, tag, cops and robbers, hide and seek, flashlight tag

    I think i would love all these suggestions to be added to the game once release! I am super excited


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