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  • Jinxin

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    March 28, 2020 at 10:30 pm
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    [quote quote=7329]Idk how hard this would be to program, but I think it would be nice is all personalities had a level of positiveness and negativeness. Like with your examples..

    Workaholic: Pros- Works really hard, does well at jobs. More likely to work towards promotions. Cons- Isn’t likely to relax on their own. Might ignore friends/family needs for work.

    Stubborn: Pros- Sticks to their thoughts/beliefs. Isn’t likely to be swayed. Cons-Might be hard to converse with. Reluctant to take advise.

    Charisma: Pros-Can persuade easily. Easily to get along with and make friends. Cons-Can be annoying to certain Parafolk.

    Idk, maybe it wouldn’t work exactly like this. It was just a thought.


    I like the idea, but I think instead of having the cons linked to the traits, they should be separate traits. That way you can have more control over their personality if you want to.


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