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    March 27, 2020 at 4:09 am
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    Mew Replied back to Bailey: I imagine that’d be up to the devs
    It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to separate “dev created npcs” from “player made npcs” via a flag or tagging system.
    The game I based my suggestion off of doesn’t differentiate but there is less customization character wise (basic clothing, basic appearance) so it’s difficult to tell as a player, what characters were made by fans and which ones weren’t. I initially imagined this system working in a similar way but I can see the flaws in that, if people intentionally create very strange looking or oddly skilled parafolk.
    I don’t think it’d be difficult to separate player made from dev made though. If they go this route, a toggle for this option would likely be possible, I imagine since this is a DLC that you’d pay for, to get the privilege of having your parafolk show up in someone’s game randomly.
    That financial transaction would hopefully incentivize people to not create “troll” type of character, if you get what I mean
    The fact that you’re paying to have this product would incentivize people to create a more realistic parafolk that has their own unique features but still fits into what society accepts as “this person is human shaped”. Not sure how extensive the character creation is, but for example ideally people wouldn’t create parafolk with arms that are super duper long, haha


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