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  • JP

    Admin March 24, 2020 at 7:51 am
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    [quote quote=7263]Maybe there can also be a badge for starting forum topics? I like the idea of badges and creating new ones. Friendship badge seem to be based on Ashes profile picture, and I’m not sure if this badge should have more levels, but it could.

    Waiting for me to be a trendsetter and getting a loyalty badge ^-^ Picture Perfect badge is cute to have. The hardest for me (and everyone, I presume) is to get a Wiki Badge, because it’s basically stalking Paralives and writing what’s confirmed and how exactly it works. A limited resource even when the project will come out (of the closet).


    Thanks for your feedback! Badges will be added for as many events that are possible when I have the time to design them. Badges are also rectroactive, which means when a new badge is added, it will check your account’s history to see if you have already met the criteria to earn said badge.

    It is true that the wiki is rather limited at the moment, but this will change once the game has been released. There are game wikis out there that have 1000s of pages, for example. I will also be looking at those who regularly contribute to existing articles and awarding wiki badges that way.

    The friendship badge is indeed Ashes’ profile picture, because she is a very special friend to me and helps a lot in the background. I will be adding more levels to this badge in the future.

    Paralives Hub and the game is very special to me, however I cannot devote my full time to developing the site at this time, so all ideas, bug reports and suggestions are noted and will be implemented as soon as I am able to. I would like to thank you and everyone else for being so active in the community!


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