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  • Miriak

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    March 21, 2020 at 10:29 am
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    I’m Miriak, as a surname, japanese style. I’m russian, but I’m pretty fluent in English to the point of being bilingual. I see myself as agender with feminine moments, prefer “they”, “them”. In Russian there is no way to say neutral pronouns, so I’m a fan of them, and I’m constantly saying “they”, “person” about the others to avoid pointing at gender even of cis people. I’m an artistic tulpaforcer with big emotional problems, but I’m trying hard to take care of myself.

    I was a die-hard fan of Sims when I was young, I’ve bought all Sims 2 expansions, but I was too late on Sims 1 and was disappointed with Sims 3 and Sims 4, yet still enjoyed a lot about their features, their drama and their fanbase. As many others, I have felt that “The Sims” needs competition and I was searching for similiar games on PC, both big and indie. I was also learning about my gaming preferences, about game design in general and such, so this isn’t just about The Sims for me, but it’s apperant that the genre itself needs renewal.

    I was enjoying every video from Alex on Paralives and a couple of them past I joined fan platforms, started showing activity. I am not a builder, but I was astonished by simplicity of actions in videos, it looks so intuitive for me. The visual style is good for me too, and since it is a “Sims-clone”, I’m eagerly waiting for characters and simulation itself, whatever they may end up as. I love how developers treat their community kindly and with attention, that makes me feel good despite of the game, but it is important for me that this game is a successor of The Sims idea, because it is my old love and a broken heart in some way.

    I was trying to make my own concepts for a sim game, and when I was doing it, I’ve learned about myself that I want 1) complicated personalities, psychology, sociology, (I’ve suggested using topics as a way for characters to think), 2) vast interactivity with objects, for making they feel more real, kinetic and meaningful, 3) many unique decorative objects and character parts (clothes, hairs and what not), which mostly are supported by fan-base, 4) roleplaying possibilities and huge customisation, like clothing and object creators that I suggested, 5) features involving books, their customisation, complexity. I want a lot with a burning passion, and I know that Paralives should be just Paralives and not my dream, and I’m cool with that and I wish this project all the luck.


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