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  • Miriak

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    March 20, 2020 at 3:03 pm
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    [quote quote=6391]I also think that two-sided relationships could be great for dealing with public reputation and fame. Like a fan would have a high relationship bar with the celebrity, but the celebrity would have a low relationship bar with the fan (rather than having a “best friends” level relationship with everyone you meet like in a certain game). Then a para might like a celebrity more because their friends really like them, but friends of the celebrity wouldn’t care much for the opinion of the fan.

    It’s called “parasocial relationships”, and I find a word “parasocial” in this fandom a bit hilarious, ’cause it’s a pun. It reflects a bit a topic about relationship of devs with their users. The Sims 2 had it so different sides are at different levels with each other – one might consider the other friend, the other might not, which was interesting in itself without even including celebrities and media.


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