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  • coley

    March 10, 2020 at 8:52 pm
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    a variety of sports for children and teens would be sooo awesome. such as cheerleading, football, tennis, soccer, etc. and if paras could be “promoted” to higher status in said sports based on their performance (team captain, water boy, flyer…) like adult paras do with careers that would make it more interesting!

    more family type interactions would make it more realistic as well. grounding children/teens from TV, leaving the house, phones, etc. parenting styles influencing how the children develop into young adults (for example, if the child grew up poorly they may have an automatic negative trait that can’t be changed, or they could “develop” similar traits to whichever parent they were closer with). setting curfews, chores lists, little details like that would make interacting with young sims more interesting. i LOOVE the idea above about shopping for house hold items and so on as well. yard sales would be a cool little add on too. lemonade stands. bake goods.

    and calories playing a factor would be cool too! if a sim eats more junky food like chips, pizza, cereal they could gain weight faster than sims who eat foods like salads, veggies, and other balanced meals. 🙂


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